About Us

Atlanta Wildlife Solutions, LLC was created in 2004 to provide Metro Atlanta area homeowner’s and businesses alike with a solution to their nuisance wildlife control problems, utilizing proven techniques and methods standardized by the wildlife control industry.


The philosophy of the company is to provide sound wildlife management practices while promoting the wildlife control industry through professionalism.


The company’s President, Chad Artimovich has taken the core values of his military experience and applied them along with his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of nuisance wildlife control to build a strong foundation for his company that is backed by his work ethics.


Chad has served in the United States Marine Corps from 1991-1995 taking part in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia in 1993 and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti in 1994.


After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, Chad joined the National Guard in 1999; in 2003 he provided security during the G8 conference in Sea Isle, GA.


In 2004, he was called up in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and served 11 months in Southwest Baghdad as a gunner on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, during this period of service he was awarded a purple heart for injuries received during combat operations.


Upon returning in April 2006, the company opened its doors back up for business and continues to provide quality service to Metro Atlanta area customers.