Our Process

We utilize a fool proof system which consists of a four step process to eliminate your wildlife problem. The four steps involved in order to achieve successful results, comprise of the following steps.



Upon our visit to your home or business, we will perform a detailed inspection of the site, and make recommendations for a solution to your wildlife problem. During our inspection, we investigate all areas in order to identify the nuisance animals causing the problems, noting specific key areas of entry and any other indications of harborage in the structure. Other issues of interest will be noted on the inspection form. The inspection is the most important step in the process of removing unwanted critters from your home.



During the course of our inspection, we will be able to identify the animal (s) that are residing in your home or business. Identifying the species involved is the key to solving your problem. After the species is identified, the proper measures can be initiated in order to remove the animals from the structure.


Removal & Relocation

Most animals are removed by the placement of traps. Trap placement is critical in order to achieve desired results in a timely manner.


By using attractive baits and placing traps in key areas, Atlanta Wildlife Solutions can remove the offending animals within a marginal time frame. Once traps are set, they must be monitored. Atlanta Wildlife Solutions, will monitor any traps as required, remove captured animals from them, re-bait, or adjust any traps that are not capturing any target animals. We will be able to determine when all animals have been trapped from the structure, and then be able to make any necessary repairs to keep them out for good. (Trapping fees and trapping programs vary according to the species involved)


Exclusion & Habitat Modification

Physically excluding the target animal is the permanent way to control the nuisance wildlife causing the damage. Exclusion, or animal proofing your home, ensures that no other animals invade your space. This consists of sealing any entry points, gaps, or other irregularities within the structures interior or exterior, utilizing the proper materials used in the wildlife control industry. If you are not having any known problems with wildlife in your home or business, we can animal proof your home before anything takes up residence. Please call us today to schedule a visit.


Dead Animal Removal

Do you have a dead rodent in your wall or attic? Atlanta Wildlife Solutions have performed many removals from mice to deer. We can locate the dead animal in question using specialized equipment and deodorize the area with products designed to breakdown the molecular structure of the organisms causing the odor. Whether it is a dead opossum in your crawlspace or a dead skunk under your deck, call Atlanta Wildlife Solutions for any dead animal causing a stench.


Odor Control & Sanitation

We can deodorize areas requiring the control of foul odors or other locations where animal waste has accumulated. Because some animal feces and urine carry diseases, it is very important to remove all animal waste. Atlanta Wildlife Solutions can remove the waste and sanitize the area. Please speak to your technician regarding these services at the time of your inspection.


Animal Clearance Certificates

If your are in the process of selling your home or business and the inspector has found evidence of animals residing in the structure, Atlanta Wildlife Solutions can take the necessary steps to resolve the problem and issue an Animal Clearance Certificate once the animals have been removed.